Recent Work

Dragon Faery 24x36--2002 Seer 15x30--2002 Nestling 24x30--2002
Water Ring 24x48--2002 At The Gate 24x36--2002 The Living Museum 18x24--2003
Reliquary 24x36--2003 Ohanapecosh Mermaid 22x28--2003 The Message  18x24--2003
Ophelia 24x36--2003 Syrinx Revisited 24x36--
2003 The Path 24x36--2004
Vanitas 24x48--2005 Mermaid 24x72--2006
Firebird 24x30--2007 Gaia 30x40--2017

All images copyright J W Kalin 2002-2017

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